My (UK) experience with HH...

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  1. Firstly I want to say that this is not meant as a 'slating HH thread' in any way, it's just me letting people know what's happened.
    I placed an order for a havana hobo on Aug 6th, followed by an order for a pastis frame on Aug 8th (both bags full price plus shipping to UK). I can't remember the original shipping date, but dates for both bags were delayed. I kept tracking the orders and was informed that they'd both shipped around Aug 21st. I then got an email to say that HH didn't even have the bags in stock yet, so to ignore the tracking info. I then checked the tracking info again and both bags were due to be shipped on Aug 28th, the pastis frame did but the hobo was delayed until the 29th, then the 30th, then the 31st and then Sept 16th. I now have a message to say that due to large order volumes my bag may be delayed again. Surely after ordering all that time ago I must be near the top of the priority shipping list?
    Anyway, the pastis frame arrived yesterday and guess what? I had to pay £43 customs duties before parcelforce would deliver it. I know this is a risk of buying from outside the UK but still, £43!
    I really like the pastis frame and am glad I bought it, but this whole experience has been a bit tiresome. Also, the fastening mechanism of the bag is scrated, but no way can I be bothered to send it back so I'll keep it, it's no big deal I guess.
    I know HH have been inundated with orders, but someone or something is updating the tracking info daily so how can bags be marked as being shipped before HH even receive them? Also I'm a bit annoyed that HH have had my money since the beginnng of August, and I still only have one bag instead of two.
    Anway, like I said I'm pleased with the bag and hope I'll be as pleased with the hobo, which will no doubt be caught in customs too!! :rolleyes:
  2. I can't imagine waiting that long for a bag...
  3. Arg! What a frustrating experience for you!

    I have such mixed feelings about HH... I loved them, then I hated them, now I still don't like them but I do like the bags...

    They seem to have a lot of service issues. If they don't get these things straightened out, I don't see how they'll be able to continue selling their bags at their current retail prices.
  4. I know! Like I said, I don't want to seem as if I'm slating them, and I do love the bag. It really is just the service issues, but customer service makes or breaks an experience.
    Hoping to hear back from HH tomorrow, I'll update when I do...
  5. If you paid full price then £43 is the usual amount you would expect to pay for any designer bag. I have paid similar customs charges for Kooba's and Isabella Fiores, so thats not really HH's fault.
    However I agree about the shipping times, as I placed an order on August 8th and didnt receive it until sept. 5th!! Mind you the bag itself ( a saddle Inka with tassel) is so beautiful that I forgot about the wait when I saw it.
    I ordered a Mercer satchel recently, and although Im still waiting for it to be dispatched, I think the wait will be worth it. :yes:
  6. I wasn't suggesting the customs charges were HH's fault, I was just a little suprised. I've bought two prada bags, a chloe betty and a marc jacobs from the US and never had to pay customs on any of them. Maybe I just got lucky :yes:. I'm sure I'll love the hobo, and hopefully that'll make up for the (very long) wait!
  7. Sorry to hear you're having such a frustrating experience. :sad: I've had a similar experience with HH, and I live on the east coast in the States. I can't imagine what it must be like for folks in the UK. Having to wait like that can dampen enthusiasm about a purchase! I hope you get your Hobo soon and the customs duties aren't too steep.
  8. Rachael, you definately are not the only one to have a few complaints about HH. I live in the US so I can't imagine the hell you went through, but from my end, the changes in shipping times were just sort of annoying. I actually received my bag yesterday with much anticipation. I do love my bag, the mercer clutch in blush, from the labor day sale, but I am not as impressed as I thought I would be. I am happy that you did get the one bag, but I would feel as uneasy as you must feel for not having that second bag in your hands after you gave your payment info. Although, it is possible that they don't charge you until it is shipped out. I am pretty sure that was the case for me, after I looked at my online statement yesterday...either wayy, I do hope your new bag comes soon and that you can put the whole thing behind ya! Enjoy your pastis and maybe you can take pics! I am in love with that bag!
  9. Got an email back from HH, my havana hobo is now due to be shipped on Sept 25th! The saga continues...:tdown:
  10. Oh my gosh, let's hope that's wrong!
  11. I'm having a similar experience with a Hammitt Bag I ordered on sale over Labor Day. She keeps saying it will ship so and so day, and it still hasn't. I'm going to cancel the order; this is just too much of a pain. This with HH would drive me nuts too. I'm going to call my CC company to let them know about this if I still get charged.