My UGGs are ruined!

  1. So it started raining yesterday, hard, my UGGS got SOAKED, last time it was minor, this's major!

    However, I was very impressed, the whole thing was soaked, yet my feet were dry and the WARMEST out of my whole body!

    I'm a bit bummed, I looked at them this morning, and they're just not the same. =(

    Has this happened to anyone? Do you still wear yours?
  2. hmm well I've worn them in rain before but I also spray protected them prior to wear twice. Did you do that? Maybe you could use a suede cleaner and brush?

  3. No, I didnt spray them, didn't get a chance. I wasn't expecting it to rain! After you spray and wear them in the rain, are they completely perfect afterwards? Or at least the way they were?
  4. Yes...if you spray them before you wear them even if they get wet when they dry they look the same.

  5. AHHHHHHHHHH regrets. I'm so sad!
  6. Is there any way I can fix these damages? It's not as soft as before, it's realllly smooth though. Does this make sense?
  7. I just looked up the products and it says to wet the entire boot with COLD WATER (ok, it rained on my shoes, should be fine then?), apply the product, and let it dry, DO NOT DRY WITH HEAT!

    WELL, last night, after I got in my car, I turned the heater up on my feet!, hopefully it wasn't THAT hot, and hopefully I can still use the products to save it as much as I can. *sigh!
  8. Makes sense- Maybe once it's totally dry, you can dry massaging it, then brushing it, I'd imagine that'd soften up the suede.
  9. I've gotten mine wet but I also protected them. Try a soft suede brush it helped mine.
  10. I didn't protect mine beforehand. =\
  11. I've never protected mine, i have two pairs, and they've both been soaked. And both look fine, but i'm OK with the lived in look, and prefer them not looking perfect.
  12. mine's ridiculously dirty too bout the ugg shampoo & cleaner? I'm thinking of getting them coz my uggs look disgusting with the snow and mud ugghh
  13. I serously need to protect mine before somehting like this happen to me. I havent buy the protectant stuff and it's been raining very bad up here but I've been very lucky.
  14. Agreed. It blizzarded here a few weeks ago, I sprayed my UGGs and my friend didn't. At the end of the day, hers looked soaked through even after the water dried and mine were still "normal".