My typical bad luck...

  1. So the pochette I have been wanting (in the colorway I want) was finally on eBay and I got outbid at the last minute and lost it. THEN a pochette I was asking the seller to relist so I could buy it now (as it was listed previously-I missed the end date, sleeping I guess) was offered to me but she wouldn't go back through eBay. She wanted me to just pay her through Paypal AND the price increased by $50. Am I ever going to get a break?

    Sometimes I just want to scream.

    On another note,

    Sorry you still aren't feeling better Shopmom. Here is a little cyber Hermes to make you smile. Maybe you should add one to you collection:
    togothrough 112.jpg
  2. hetj93, cute bag for the woman who has everything. Good luck acquiring your pochette--it'll happen!
  3. Post a picture of your pouchette so we can all be on the look-out for ya, J. It is so disappointing when sniped on eBay!
  4. Yes, let us know what you are looking for and we'll keep a look out for you.
  5. The smiling Hermes bag is sooo cute.. I might steal that and use it as my icon if it is okay.. hehe.. =P

    Hope you find what you want soon~!!
  6. ps....did you have better luck with the plisse?
  7. Sus, Rose here is the pochette I lost out on.

    brtracy - of course, use the purse as your avitar. Just give him a good name.

    and Rose- the plisse is still going. I'm working on it.

    Just kinda down about the other 2 pochettes.

    Oh well. Live and learn.
  8. It's lovely. I will pm you if I spot it! It's amazing what you can find hidden in the men's dept at NM and BG...
  9. Which scarf, Hetj? Please let us help you.....we LOVE helping!!!!!
  10. ooopppssss...posted at the same time!
  11. good things come to those that wait?
  12. ^^ Yep and if it's true love, it will come back to you...
  13. Gorgeous. Will keep my eye out for it.
  14. Seriously - Be on the look out in the men's department. Are the men really buying them??? Why are the up there???
  15. hetj93: :sad: sorry to hear about your bad luck. Are you interested in that particular design and color combo or it is mostly the design you are interested in? I'll keep my eye out for you!