My two newest bags, Silver Miroir speedy and gold pochette

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  1. I also got the Icons book :yahoo:

  2. yay congratulations!! i love your puppy btw, sooo cute!
  3. Yeah! Congrats! We're twins....that is exactly what I walked out with yesterday.
  4. Congrats! Love them! Especially that Silver speedy!
  5. Congrats!!! Please post modeling pics!!!
  6. aww.. your puppy looks like she's getting jealous of all the attention the Miroirs are getting! :love:

    The bags are beautiful! Those are the two I would get:yes:
  7. Congratulations. Love it!
  8. Love them both, the pochette especially!! Your shih tzu is so cute! Congrats :biggrin:
  9. congrats
  10. Congrats!!! gorgeous!!! model it please..what a cute dog you have !
  11. Congrats on your new bags!! Enjoy!
  12. aww is that a shih-tzu you have? :smile:
    im finally liking the miroir collection, of course I cant get one cause of all the xmas shopping i need to do.
  13. I really like the gold pochette.
    where is the silver one?

    Can you fit one wallet, one cell, and ipod in the pochette?
    Will it look odd when it get puff?
  14. congrats! gorgeous! I love your doggie so cute!!