my two new ZC lovelies~pic!

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  1. I just received my MJ ZC from the NM promo~ everything worked out so smoothly-and love the ZC! here's some quick pic with my bag- :heart: the cherrytart looks much better IRL! sorry the pic. quality is not great-just took it with my phone!

    photo-1.jpg photo.jpg photo-3.jpg

  2. Beautiful! Enjoy them!!
  3. I agree, the cherry tart is stunning IRL. congrats and enjoy!! I :heart: but also hate this event... :P it was such a good sale...
  4. Sooo pretty!!!! Thank you for posting the pictures. The cherry tart makes me...:drool:
  5. You lucky thing......:drool:
  6. i love your bbag! is that eb or fb? your cherrytart zc is stunning as well. a great complement to your bag. congrats!
  7. Gorgeous ZC's! Congratulations!
  8. Love them both!
  9. thanks! it's EB- i know, my iphone didn't capture the colour too well-but much the colour is much richer/deeper blue IRL!
  10. i know-it was a great sale-and with such a helpful SA it was painless! I almost bought the ZC a few weeks ago for full price- (but indecision halted my buy!) now get to have two- :yes:
  11. ooooh nice! I'm so jealous of everyone ZC hauls lately!
  12. They are beautiful (and look great with your bags)!
  13. They are both very lovely colors!! Congrats!!
  14. gorgeous! i esp love the cherry tart!!!
  15. i am so jealous! your new purchases are beautiful. i especially love the cherry tart!