My two new Twiggy girls!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am proud to announce my two new girls. I started off not liking the Greige from the swatches, loved l_b's (almost a creamy beige colour on my monitor), then I saw it in Saks next to the 06 Grey and it looked like a dove grey, very pretty.
    I set about getting it, I purposely wore a grey t-shirt and took a blue one with me. The long and short of it was, the Greige didn't go with grey, it didn't go with blue, it didn't go with brown. Aaargg!
    So I started to romance the 06 Grey. Match with the grey t-shirt, match with the blue t-shirt. Overall just a far more versatile handbag for my wardrobe. I also liked the veiny leather. All sides of the bag matched. My first Cornflower was smooth front but all other sides were veiny. Bugged me, a lot!

    The Sky Blue was purchased from a lovely fellow PFer, via ebay. The bag is a lovely, lovely blue. I am also amazed how she can look so different when viewed in sunlight, vs indoor light. In the pictures with both, you can see how the handles are absolutely immaculate and match perfectly. No colour difference at all, no darkening or dirtying! I have to still Apple Care Condition her, and then Apple Garde her. I don't want her to get dirty. She'll show it!

    It's been a pretty heavy Balenciaga 2 months for me, so no more for a while! Holding out for Spring 07!

    Without further ado ... pictures!

    I wish you well,

    Grey Twiggy 01.jpg Grey Twiggy 0201.jpg Sky Blue Twiggy 01.jpg Sky Blue Twiggy 02.jpg Sky Blue and Grey Twiggy 01.jpg Sky Blue and Grey Twiggy 02.jpg
  2. So pretty, Bridget! I love the girls. ;)
  3. they're gorgeous!!! congratulations :P
  4. Congrats! Two beautiful bags!! I really like the grey!!
  5. Congrats! I love them both. Great colors!:yes:
  6. Congratulations on your fraternal twins, they're lovely and the leather looks great Bridget S, enjoy.
  7. Fabulous! I love them both. Congrats!
  8. LOVELY! I love the gray and I'm just drooling over the sky blue. They both seem like gorgeous, neutral colors. So pretty! Congrats and enjoy!!
  9. Bridget, what lovely colors for your twiggys! congrats! they're beautiful!
  10. wow! love the grey! so gorgeous!
  11. Congrats! They are gorgeous :love: !
  12. Pretty! Congratulations Bridget!!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Wow -- they're both so beautiful. I really love the grey in particular. Enjoy your girls!
  15. hmmm, this is very pretty-may have to add to my list of bags to get! COngrats!!!