My two new scarves

  1. Found these two today, was really happy about finding this colorway of "sur un tapis volant". Never seen it before. I admired the pale blue one many times which was also really gorgeous, but I have many light blue scarves and passed.

    Can some one identify the mousseline one? I forgot to ask the SA and there isn't a name on the scarf. This one doens't look much by itself, but is really beautiful on.

    tapis.jpg mousseline.jpg mousseline1.jpg mousseline2.jpg
  2. Beautiful!! Congrats!
  3. So very pretty!!!!
  4. Ooh, Tods! Those are both so beautiful. I believe the mousseline design is called "Dahlia" and I think it is tres elegant. Congratulations!!!! :yahoo:
  5. Your Tapis Volant is gorgeous; it's the first time I've seen this colorway!
  6. Both are beautiful! I adore you mousseline one. Anything mousseline and I'm right here with the drool, baby!:drool: Now where's my bucket?
  7. My goodness, Tapis Volant is gorgeous in that colorway! I wasn't xcited about that pattern until I saw this, just goes to show you that a colorway can make or break a scarf for people! I think once it is folded, the blue will not be very prominent.

    And I think the Dahlia scarf is wonderful. Tres unique!
  8. WOW i would LOVE that tapis volant, that colourway is amazing... ahh, must have!
  9. You spoke my mind! Last fall when it came out, I was not impressed with the red/orange at all. I did like the pale blue, but like I said I had many in that color and passed.

    This one when folded, is barely blue. The green and gold and brown come out more and is wonderful

  10. :supacool: it! Now you have to take pics with it on!!!!!
  11. OOOOooooo, I must get a Tapis en Volant! Wowza! And the mousseline? Marvelous!
  12. Hi Princess!
  13. Gorgeous choices, Tods!
  14. LOVE Tapis Volant! Beautiful scarves, Tods!!!!!
  15. Gorgeous scarves!!