My two new pruchases are here - pics

  1. I just got my two bags and i am doing the happy dance right now. :happydance:I have been wanting a GGH Black Work for some time now and i did not know that they are still available. Well thank you Kim and you came through for me again. :love:This bag has the smooth and crackly leather which i prefer on the GGH Black Work. This is the kind of leather that suits this bag and it will break in beautifully.:tup: Brunettiger you need to update your pics girl.:heart:
    My second one is the Marigold Day. I love this color and the Day is my favorite style. Deco thanks for the modeling pics and your advise. This one has the bubbly and wrinkly leather that i love.:drool: Two different bags with two different type of leather and i am happy right now.:yahoo::woohoo: Enjoy the pics.:heart:
    IMG_4145 (2).JPG IMG_4148 (2).JPG IMG_4151 (2).JPG IMG_4152 (2).JPG IMG_4153 (2).JPG
  2. Marigold Day:drool: LOVE.:yahoo:
    IMG_4158 (2).JPG IMG_4159 (2).JPG IMG_4160 (2).JPG
  3. Those are both BEAUTIFUL! congrats!!
  4. wow congrats, you've got two new beauties. can't wait to see the modeling pics. the jaune day looks like sunshine to me, so pretty!:tup:
  5. Thank you "M".:heart: Congrats on your Violet City. :yahoo:I am happy that you finally found the right one.:yes:
  6. Thank you delmilano.:heart: I love the Juane color. :love:This bag will be perfect for S/S and the Day is my favorite bag. :wlae: I will take some modeling pics later on tonight. :yes:
  7. Lovely combo of a basic & a POP of colour & OH MY!!! I just love, love, love your Marigold Day lots.
  8. Love, love, love your marigold day! It's fabulous
  9. Congrats!! Enjoy your 2 new Bbags... I think GGH black work is really nice! :balloon:
  10. Congrats, Nanazy! I'm such a fan of the Work now :love:, and I love the Day style and Jaune color:heart: Great finds!
  11. Love your new Bbags! Great colors and great leathers too! I know you will enjoy them. :tup::tup:
  12. stunning, congrats!!
  13. Congratulations on your new bags. They are both absolutely gorgeous!
  14. those are both gorgeous!! congrats!!
  15. the work looks great in your avatar!!! congrats :smile: