My Two New Nikkis!!!!

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  1. Let me preface this by saying my hubby has been out of town all week...I have a 3 year old so dressing cute and fixing (okay washing) my hair have not been a priority!!!

    Anyway I got a wine nikki when they posted the limit # still available. I received it in about a week and overall had a great ordering experience.

    The yellow has the resort hardware. I actually had the mini nikki in this color but have found I prefer a regular size nikki.


  2. Congratulations! They are both beautiful, enjoy them!
  3. Congratulations, you and your Nikkis look great! Enjoy them.
  4. Wow! Both nikki's look absolutely fabulous!! Congrats on two really great scores!
    i love both of your nikkis :yes:
    but esp. the wine :P since i have one myself (but in the mini size)

    great pics!!
  6. I got the yellow at Shopbop on sale for less than $350.
  7. Great scores!!! CONGRATS!!!
  8. Nice bags... The look very good on you! Enjoy!
  9. I love your resort yellow nikki! congrats!
  10. Congrats, pink! Love your nikkis!
  11. I never get tired of looking at Wine Nikki pictures. . .:girlsigh: I'm starting to love yellow bags more and more. These look awesome on you. How many Nikkis do you have now?
  12. I love yellow bags too. I only have 2 nikkis right now!!! I hope the dark grey w/ silver so goes through b/c that is definitely next on my list!
  13. Hot doggity! It's like ketchup and mustard!
  14. both are gorgeous, congrats!
  15. Gorgeous bags!