My two new loves....

  1. Several people asked me to post pics of the 04 lilac and 04 rose when I got them so here they are :P The shades are nowhere near alike - I thought I might not be able to keep both due to them being so similar but that's not the case. The lilac has quite a mauvish undertone, a very unique shade of purple. The rose, while it looks more reddish in the pics, appears in true light to be a perfect raspberry pink. Yummy :yes: It's so hard to capture the true shades. I :heart: rose since I had it in twiggy but didn't like the shape. So the bbag gods smiled down on me and sent me the rose city lol :roflmfao:

    I have to say I am in bbag heaven :angel: with these two. I :heart: them and will be all set for a while (that is if a seafoam something-or-other should fall into my lap :lol: )



  2. I love both, but the rose is absolutely gorgeous!!
  3. Both are gorgeous! Congrats
  4. SOOOOOO Beautiful!!!!

    Love them both.
  5. they look gorgeous together!
  6. they kind of remind me of sherbert lol!
  7. Wow what a contrast of lovely colours! Glad you love the lilac ;)
  8. I love the colors, Twinklette! Just beautiful!
  9. I absolutely **adore** the lilac perc ;)
  10. Love the colors; you will look so stylish with either bag!
  11. LOL I guess we're both hoping that a seafoam falls into our laps!
  12. I'm so happy you decided on both! What a lovely contrast, absolutely beautiful!
  13. wow, they both are TDF. i love the rose! you're so lucky :biggrin:
  14. Beautiful! The lilac is gorgeous!
  15. they look yummy together! i love the rose :love: