my two new hobos -- just wanted to share

  1. i already posted pics of the caramel one and i just got the '05 black one today. the black one is the smooshiest bag ever (it is stuffed a bit in the pic). if you can get a hold of either (and they do pop up on ebay), i would say do it! i have a rouille hobo and i love it but there is no comparison IMO.

    the pics aren't great as i am not good at taking them but here they are.
    epi dupliex 011 (Small).jpg epi dupliex 010 (Small).jpg epi dupliex 015 (Small).jpg
  2. oooo chigirl, congrats!!!! the black leather looks so smoooooshy!!!
  3. absolutely BEAUTIFUL! :love: ;)
  4. WOW chigirl ... GORGEOUS :yes: !!! CONGRATS :flowers: - they both looks sooooooooooo great ! ENJOY it :love::yes:
  5. thank you! i have a black '05 first and a turq. '05 mini but i can really tell the difference in leather much more with my hobo-- maybe because it is slouchy to begin with?

    anyway, i got both from amazing sellers (on ebay) so i am extra pleased.
  6. hey chigirl, your black hobo looks amazing!! congrats! what year and season is it if you dont mind my asking. the leather looks so soft!
    thats for sharing your pics!
  7. congratssss!! :love: :graucho:
  8. very very very nice!!! I love the black hobo's leather~ wowzas!!
  9. i know it is '05. i forgot what the seller said.

    mimi -any idea?
  10. I love the caramel colored one! What style is that?
  11. Congrats Chi!!! They are both so gorgeous! The black is the day- right? I'm so wanting a shoulder bag now! Enjoy your new babies!
  12. thanks. mimi and LP have it and i think they call it the belted buckle hobo. there is some info here:
    mimi has pics of hers somewhere and LP's is on the link.

    i think there was a thread somewhere about it to if you do a board search.
  13. thanks. yep, it is the day. the style is great. the older ones in the neutral colors have been selling on ebay for fairly low prices. a black just went for $560 and a caramel for about the same. i had a seller contact me since i lost the auction for the black and i ended up with even a better deal.
  14. Wow Chigirl those are gorgeous!! The leather on both of them looks smooshy!! Congrats on your new babies!!
  15. cute!!!!!!!! Smooshy! we share the same taste in hobos i guess. =D