My two new collection from 2 hand market

  1. The tin style bag, I find for a long time. I love it.:love:
    The other is the paris limit edition bag at about 1994. I find it with a reason price, so also buy it.:heart:
  2. I like the black one. It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very nice!!!
  4. Lovely
  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congrats!
  6. congrats!
  7. Both are beauties.
  8. Stunning bags and the colors will go with everything. Enjoy.
  9. i like the black one, congrats :P
  10. great finds!!!
  11. Congrats and welcome to the forum :biggrin:
  12. congrats
  13. That's so cool how the quality is THAT amazing that they've lasted this long! 1994-2006 and counting...