~~~My two new Chanel beauties...

  1. I went to the new Palm Beach Gardens boutique today and came home with two new goodies. One is bigger than a breadbox and one is smaller...hee hee:wlae:

    Pictures are loading...
  2. Ok, what is it????????????????????? Come on now!
  3. Here we go...:P
    new.JPG new1.JPG
  4. Here are some hints...
    Can anyone take a guess???
    new3.JPG new2.JPG
  5. square vintage tote!!!!!!!!
  6. Okay we have a winner!!!

    Here come pics...
  7. I thought I wanted the Square Vintage Tote in black, but after seeing the dark chocolate brown IRL, I fell in love!
    newer.JPG newer1.JPG
  8. And here are the sunglasses, actually I had ordered these and they finally came in...:supacool:
    newer3.JPG newer4.JPG newer5.JPG
  9. Absolutely stunning! The chocolate brown is so pretty.
  10. Does it feel as wonderful as it looks?
  11. Thanks! The leather is totally delicious to touch. And you just have to see the chocolate brown "in person", because the color does not come across very accurately on screen. It is a dark chocolate brown, not a reddish-brown like it seems in most pictures. It will go with everything, I think.
  12. That tote is delish. Very pretty, congrats!
  13. So beautiful.

  14. i love both!!great choices. congrats!!!
  15. I liked seeing the bags and boxes first. It felt like I was unpacking with you!

    I love the bag... so soft and gorgeous and I also have the same sunnies. Mine are brown with a gradient lens, and I think they are such a great shape that everyone seems to look good in them!