My two new Chanel babies have arrived, yay!! pics!

  1. To beat the new price increase, I decided that I needed a white Chanel for my collection, lol. So I went and ordered the medium/large classic flap in white caviar with silver hardware. She's my first white purse and I just love her!

    Then I was also able to get ahold of the Baby Coco Cabas in the khaki color and had her sent to me as well. I was a little nervous about the color and stiffness of her since I have never seen her irl, but I was pleasantly surprised. The bronze color is really rich and beautiful and she will look great with a lot of outfits.

    Here are a few pics of my new babies along with a picture of my two flap sisters now. I am in love! Thanks for letting me share ladies!:love:
    IMG_5142.JPG IMG_5155.JPG IMG_5164.JPG IMG_5143.JPG
  2. your flaps are beautiful, congrats.
  3. Congrats! A black and white flap, what more could a gal want? Hehe, I think I'm asking the wrong question in this forum...
  4. Loooove your new purchases! :yes:
  5. congrats!! love your bags!!!
  6. Both are beaaautiful! I absolutely adore white Chanels. Congrats!
  7. those are beautiful bags!! congrats!!
  8. Congrats on your new goodies!! :yahoo:
  9. Congrats, nice flap!! Hey, we're bag twins twice over - the baby khaki cabas, and the balck hybrid flap!:smile:
  10. Gorgeous bags! I :heart: especially the white flap!
  11. what lovely bags, congrats!
  12. Congrats on both bags! I love the white flap.
  13. just gorgeous:smile:
  14. congrats on your purchases! gorgeous!!
  15. o wow msjenn! I like em both! Love to own a white classic one day myself...
    And that bronze color of the Cabas is really pretty, such a rich color, LOVE it! Lucky you... congrats!!!!!!