My two new bags!

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  1. The ivory banana hobo and a black Venetia, I love them both!!

  2. Where are the pics??
  3. I can't see them either. :sad:
  4. Can you not see them?
  5. ^^No hon, I still can't. They sound delightful though...congrats! I love my banana hobo. Hope you can get the pictures worked out so we can drool over them with you. :yes:
  6. Go to
    and then Browse for your pics and resize to blogs and forums... upload your pics copy the link that says primary and paste it in your quote for tPF...
  7. EEk!!! I want pics too!!!
  8. Hopefully this will work!

    Just wondering, this has no zipped pocket, just the popper on with the open one behind, when did he stop putting zipped pockets in? I mean the Venetia!

  9. They're gorgeous! Congrats!

    P.S. I love the paisley fabric you have them on too!
  10. I am drolling over your Venetia. I love it with the black stitching and gold hardware. The hobo is super cute too! The quilting looks great!
  11. Congrats rosieroseanna! Those are two classic "go-to" MJs that you'll enjoy forever. :yes:
  12. :p NICE!!! I bet you are excited everytime you get to take them out!!!
  13. :woohoo: Horray for pictures. They are beautiful!! I especially like the venetia. So classy.
  14. so pretty! i'm loving your venetia. the black and the gold looks so luxe together!
  15. Love your new bags! I just got my black venetia a few weeks ago too - I can't part with it!!