My two new bags

  1. Ok so.. I won this one on eBay for a whopping $9.99:

    And i just got this one at Coach in NYC -- I am thinking of returning and getting the bigger multifunction bag


    (don't mind my quaker oat snacks in the
  2. wow! that first one looks to be in awesome shape! nice find!! I love the black tote, but I remember you talking about the bigger one. Either is great!

  3. Yeah, I got some Ketel One vodka martini's in me in NYC and saw the Coach store -- I tried all 4 weekend bags... Liked the multifunction the best -- but in my vodka haze I thought it was too expensive. Now I'm thinking, "It's only another $150 to get the multifunction".. $200 tuesday, $150 saturday.. doesn't seem like I'm spending $350 all at :wlae:
  4. I'm glad to see someone else thinks exactly like me!! They're much more affordable that way :yes: Nice bags you got and what a steal on that first one, it looks fantastic!
  5. This bag is a beauty-[​IMG] congrats
  6. congrats on your two bags ^_^
  7. Cuteness! Don't regret returning it, esp. if its going to be your carry don't want to feel limited with that space. Love it all!
  8. 9.99!! That would look adorable with a cute scarf. I just won an older bag on eBay for $40ish - can't wait to see it - you got a steal!
  9. congrats your bid. such a great deal. that bag is a classic and you can't go wrong. nice brown color to match with everything ;) yay for you
  10. Congrats on your new bags!
    Please post pics when you get the mutlifunction tote, I wanna see what it looks like IRL =)
  11. Congrats on your bags, nice job on e-bay. I like the way you think, I talk to myself like that also mostly between signature and leather bags when I can't decide which one.
  12. Hopefully they have it in stock in Providence.. if so I will have it by Saturday.. yay! I'm so excited for it..
  13. Grats on your new stuff! They're loverly!