My two new bags: Dolma Green Day & Indigo First

  1. Here are my two new bags I got delivered to me on a Sunday. Woohoo! I owe my best friend a month's worth of lunch, she scored these bags for me overseas. All I can say is .... bye bye whiskey paddington!! I'll be selling it to make way for these babies. :love: :love:

    ss-dolma01.jpg ss-indigo01.jpg
  2. Both are stunning! I'm especially in love with the indigo :smile:
  3. Wow -- Dolma is such a hard color to find. They're both so beautiful. And much more practical than the Paddy for summer, IMHO.
  4. LOVE the dolma green day! I have never seen that style/color combo before - it is stunning! Congrats :nuts:
  5. I love the indigo! That looks like the perfect bag to wear with jeans. Congrats! :nuts:
  6. Love the dolma day!!! Congrats!!!
  7. Ohhhh...Both bags are so pretty! Congrats!
  8. Dolma=Lovely
    Nice bags!
  9. Thanks! :amuse:

    This is my first time having both of these styles. When my friend told me the sizes, I wasn't too sure about them but upon hearing the colors, I had to have them.

    At first, I took all the stuffing out of the day bag and thought... wow, this looks like a feed bag you put around a horse with hay in it, but putting it all back in, it definitely looks better stuffed. I also would've preferred a larger indigo bag but I think the color is cute on a small bag. Such a vibrant and rich color on a small bag is a nice balance I think. Makes a nice grab and go bag for quick errands :biggrin:
  10. Great bags! Congrats!
  11. Dolma day is gorrrrgeous!!! You might actually owe your friend your firstborn for those... ;)
  12. :-O beautiful bags!!! i totally love them both!!!! congrats!
  13. Gorgeous bbags, I've never seen the dolma green before - it looks great ! Congrats to your purchase :love:
  14. The indigo color is gorgeous and the day bag is one of my fav! Great purchases :smile:
  15. Wow gorgeous!! Love the Dolma!!
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