My Two New Additions(PICS)

  1. Okay, so here they are. My DH is still in China....think he'll notice these new additions?? :lol:
  2. GASP!!!

    Those are GORGEOUS!!!:yes:

    Tell us more!
  3. WOO-HOO!!!! You lucky girl!! Congrats.
  4. WOW! You did well! So do you love the white cabas or what?? :love: :love: :love:
  5. HAAAAWTT!!!!!!!! :love::love::love:
    im so jealous!
  6. Wow, you hit the jackpot!

  7. wow congrats! love the white cabas
  8. Is that a patent Ritz? Looks great on you! And of course the Cabas is TDF.

    Keep both if you can!!
  9. ^^^^Gorgeous!!! don't you love the patent on the Ritz? Oh and i am in love with the white baby cabas...not sure whether I am getting that one or the khaki!! Enjoy!
  10. Jules, the Ritz looks fabulous on you. You decided on the distressed patent then? I really like it.:love:
  11. i love them both, they look great on you!!
  12. Beautiful!
  13. Oh my! Those are TDF!! CONGRATS!!!!! What is the black one? I don't think I've seen it before.....both look gorgeous on you! :love::drool:
  14. Both look great on you! Congrats!
  15. Wow! I'm loving that baby cabas more and more! Congrats. :smile: