My two latest additons

  1. A3642 Freesia Signature pump - I :heart::heart::heart: these - they match my Ali PERFECTLY!!!


    A3554 Kara Signature wedges:
  2. very nice
  3. those are gorgeous
  4. Those are beautiful shoes!
  5. The Freesia's are now on my list of wants!!!
  6. ooh i like both! i love peeptoes!!!!!
  7. wow, stunning lines on the pump. good work coach!!
  8. Love them both...Congrats!
  9. congrats! I especially like the second pair :smile:
  10. Love those pumps!
  11. Oh wow! I love the first pair! Those are great!!
  12. ohh those pumps are soo hot, i love em!
  13. The pumps are stunning! Man I wish I could rock pumps with a heel that high! I would be stumbling all over the place lol! :p

    Enjoy your new shoes! :yes:
  14. Thanks for the pics. Love them both - especially the pumps. I need a pair now!
  15. Those pumps are :drool:!!!! Are they comfy?