My Two Kooba Scores from the Saks Sale Today

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    Got the Kooba Alex for $205 and the Kooba Margo for $210:yahoo:

    I got the Alex in hunter green...and the Kooba Margo in the cognac... Love them! Total score!!!:yahoo:
    koobaalex.jpg koobamargo.jpg
  2. Congrats, you certainly got a steal on BOTH bags!! And you chose great colors too! :smile:
  3. Lucky you! What a great deal! Love the cognac one:smile:
  4. Wow! Stellar deals - especially that Alex, which is a great bag. Congrats!
  5. Fabulous!!!!!! I love both of your purchases....and the price was definitely perfect!
  6. I've always been attracted to the Alex. Tell us how it is. I almost bought it once. I was hesitant on how the top zipper has leather extending on both sides making it boxy. Also I wondered about the size. You got some great deals!
  7. they are both gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!
  8. Me too Lexie - it looks like a hybrid style between the old and new Koobas (I love studs!). Congrats on your great deals Fun2BAround and please post pics when you can!