My two guaffres

  1. I love these bags. I get many compliments on them. I wish I could have 6 like Jill.

  2. I wish I could have two like you Ms Lu ;)

    (actually, one black messenger with silver hardware would make me happy for at least a little while :heart: )

    You continue to be my bag idol .............
  3. I love the first one - the color, style, everything. Both are beautiful, congrats :nuts:
  4. Those are gorgeous!!
  5. Oh they are so gorgeous. I'll admit I didn't understand this craze over the gauffres until I saw one IRL passing by and now I wan't one :confused1:
  6. They're beautiful! I wish I had one too!
  7. They are beautiful, I love the 2nd one. Congrats. =)
  8. Gorgeous! I love them both! Nienna, when I saw them IRL, I was hooked, Gone, Done, too! I have the black satchel with gold tone h/w. This silver is so pretty, too! I'm totally in love with the blush color!
  9. I keep searching for Guaffres online that are in the bright colors, like fuschia, orange, yellow,and so on. And all that comes up are the replica sites. Anyone know where to go online to get the real thing? And what colors do they come in?
  10. I got my black one from NM and the cera from Prada NYC.
  11. soooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. TDF!!!! I just LOVE this line!!! I really hope Prada sticks with it for the fall!!! Congrats on your lovely gauffres!!!!
  13. Gorgeous! Those are both stunning bags.
  14. Beautiful!! TDF!!!
  15. They are both so pretty!!!!!