My Two Greens

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  1. my first bbag origan first :love: brandi secher, shirise buyer sent me a new bag as a replacement of my damaged one. Im sooo haappy :smile: love the origan :heart: got the denim pleaty a few days ago, here are my greenies :love:
  2. Nice! I love green.
  3. WoW! They look so good together, really like your B!
  4. thank you chidz and ispot :smile: love them too
  5. The origan is a really pretty colour and your pleaty is so cute! It's great that Shirise found you another Origan! That was lucky!!
  6. Congrats!!!!! hehe~~~origan is a very pretty color!!!
  7. I love the Origan too! I also have the Emerald and love my greens too. Congrats!
  8. im taking my origan for a night out in town here me wearing it love the color :love: sorry ladies im quite obsessed with it i want to take tons of pictures pls bare with me :smile: :flowers:
    DSC00949.jpg DSC00957.jpg
  9. hip, hip, hooray for kaka, i'm so happy you've finally got your bag :yahoo:

    p.s. i've got the courier in that color & i :heart: it!!!
  10. wow! looks great on you! :flowers: i'm so glad shirise helped you out!! thats wonderful! great customer service!
  11. Finally! I am sorry that you had to go through the missing rivet saga, but I am so glad that they found you a new one and it looks beautiful, and it looks amazing on you! Cute blouse too!

    I wish you well,

  12. Cute shoes with the Origan! I'm glad you finally got your bag!
  13. I am so happy for you! The bag is great! And I noticed the shoes too... Cute!
  14. Cute... I like your shoes too... match with origan...
  15. OMG! Congrats, kaka! I love BOTH!