MY TWO EDITH's (photo's now!)

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  1. We just purchased a new digi (to replace the one that broke on vaca last month) - so I thought i'd include some photo's now.

    So now that you can see them IRL - what does everyone think?
    So now how does everyone feel about the Whiskey vs. Chocolate Debate? :flowers:

  2. OMG! Your Ediths are just gorgeous! YOu are seriously making me reconsider my feelings about the Edith- they look so yummy! Great pics!

    Add: I think I am leaning towards the chocolate! It looks so rich, just amazing!
  3. Everyone has their own preference. I have a Whisky, my Emma, and yours is perfect. If I were to only have ONE, I'd go with the whisky, as it is so totally year round. I personally think chocolate is more fall and winter. JMHO

    If your budget allows you, keep them both!
  4. Your choco's so yummy! I can see why you might be a having hard time choosing.
  5. I LOVE your green glassware:shocked:

    (and the choco)
  6. The chocolate is so gorgeous.:love: I like your dining table too :biggrin:
  7. I am new to the forum and just bought a Whiskey Paddy from Kirna Zabete a few weeks back, but your Ediths are to die for!!

    I vote that you KEEP your Choco Edith. It's making me want to hunt down a Choco Edith before they're all gone for myself. But they are both Beautiful Bags!
  8. They are both beautiful. Too hard to choose just one...keep them both!
  9. Fantabulous Choco! I had your same dilemma.... loved LOOKING at whiskey (over and over!) but not necessarily feeling it when carried, but when choco arrived and I looked in the mirror, that was it - no question choco. Which one does that for you?!
  10. Beaux - our chocos are TWINS! I am so happy you received one just like mine - it is absolutely stunning!! I think you have the two perfect Ediths there. It is impossible to choose; my vote is keep both and enjoy both!! :biggrin:
  11. I'm more of a Whiskey girl (bag wise) but in real life.. I'd pick Chocolate all the time! :P
  12. The leather on the chocolate is gorgeous, but I still think that whiskey is a better color (for me) on Edith.
  13. I vote for chocolate cuz it makes edith's leather structure more outstanding,show stopper.2nd choice will be whiskey for me.:yes:
  14. Geez, tough choice. I'm not sure myself! I'd have to eeny-meeny-miny-mo it.
  15. They are both gorgeous! If I had to choose for me I would choose chocolate because it's one of my favorite colors.
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