My Two Coach bags..

  1. these are very similar and dont even know what they are called.. when i bought them i was in such a hurry that i just got them and out i went..

    so if any one knows do tell...
    its taking ages to upload indivisaul pics so check them out in my collection..

    :biggrin: waiting for ur comments...

    p.s. they have been used harshly lol -
  2. I LOVE your jimmy choos!
  3. i love them both...especially the beaded one!
  4. distracted for a second there. Anyway, one is a regular gallery tote, and the other is the beaded gallery tote.
  5. loved the shoes :drool:
    and the beaded coach is adorable
  6. so many cute shoes, and love the coach tote.
  7. i love your shoes..and your fendi bag!