My Two Chloe's

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  1. I've been lurking for a short while, but I'd thought I'd share my babies with you all :biggrin:

    I bought the Whisky Paddington from Nordstrom about a month ago, and I just bought the Chocolate Silverado from Neiman Marcus today...
  2. They're stunning, you lucky girl ! ;)
  3. OhOh! I saw one Whisky Paddy at school today too.
  4. Your bags are GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing!:nuts:
  5. Loves it! :love:
  6. that's a really, really pretty color on the Silverado.
  7. thanks guys!
  8. very nice - love the Silverado.
  9. Lucky girl! Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the forum!
  10. Gorgeous- which leather do you like better?
  11. Welcome!
    Are the silverados at NM the larger size? Which is your bag?
  12. They're gorgeous! I LOVE the colors.
  13. Beautiful!!!:love:
  14. Congrats Noreedoll!! I have that same silverado and LOVE it!! It's such a great bag. You don't have to baby it. I even got a spill on mine before I treated it. It rubbed off after it dried. I love it more than my paddy! Enjoy them!!
  15. Thanks for the welcome ladies!!

    Bagpuss, I actually love the distressed chocolate leather of the Silverado better.

    girlsgottoshop, I agree! I was just telling someone in another forum that I love my Silverado even more than I love the Paddy! And I loooooove the Paddy, lol...

    Shyloo, they did have the larger "doctor bag", but I only saw them in tan and python. I believe I bought the last chocolate one they had - mine is the medium satchel.