My two Chloe paddington's are soo soft and smooshy!!

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  1. hey everyone, i just took purse family pictures and I wanted to share pictures of my two paddy's on here.
    I have the paddington in creme and the mini square paddington in muscade. i love them both, the leather on paddys is really tdf!!
    chloe.JPG IMG_3263.JPG IMG_3264.JPG
  2. gorgeous bags! I don't know which is cuter, the bags or the dogs!
  3. Congrats....! great paddies!
  4. oh i love them!
  5. Creme looks awesome!
  6. both of them are gorgeous! congrats!
  7. Great paddies - I love how smooshy they are!
  8. Lovely paddies! I particularly like the Cream one - I love that colour! :heart:
  9. Just gorgeous - I love Muscade leather beyond anything!
  10. I love both of these! And nice to have the different kinds, too for different outfits/events etc.

    I have a newbie quest... Is the leather on ALL paddys that smooshy great leather or do they make some that are stiffer? I was just curious cause I like the smooshy effect. (and have only seen 2 paddys in my life so far)
  11. Gorgeous!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Those paddy's are gorgeous!!!!
  13. Both are truly gorgeous and smooshy, and I love the colours you have!:love:

  14. Paddys from past seasons are typically smooshier than Paddys from this season. So if you find a used Paddy, say from '05 or so, it will probably be softer leather than a Paddy bought in a store from '07.

  15. Thanks for that tip. I do like the smooshiness...