My two best girls: Zoe and Lola

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  1. So after searching what feels like a decade for my ultimate HG, the infamous Lost In Translation Scarlett Johansson MJ bag, the small Zoe in Red, I finally got it…! :nuts:

    And what can I say, it is perfection. It does have a loose ring and a tiny little scratch on the back, but honestly, that doesn't bother me at all. For its age, it is in amazing condition, and the suede lining is flawless. I feel really lucky!

    Here are some pics:


    I even added a not very good modeling pic, excuse this for I am very ill, and the mirror needs cleaning, and I need to loose weight… :rolleyes:
  2. and then there's nother Lady that is here to stay: Lola!
    It is from the Tere line and the Pouchette in Teal. This one looks like it's never been used, amazing condition! And it is a great clutch for everything I need to grab when it has to go quick.


    and the girls together:


    and my tiny family:

    I am really content now.
  3. congrats on finding your HG! it's a lovely red :smile: cute family too
  4. congrats!!!!!!!! you have an awesome mj family! post more pics of the wallet!!!!!!! it looks awesome - is it vintage?
  5. I love "vintage" MJ bags. Congrats on your new additions! They are lovely.
  6. Thanks girls!
    Yes, both my wallets appear to be vintage… I assume you mean the brown one, it is really great! I use it all the time and it suits my Zoe perfectly for it has the same push locks.

    Here are some close ups:
  7. Yay!!!! :yahoo: So glad you finally found her!! She looks perfect on you (and BTW, you look great!) and the Lola is such a pretty color, too. Congrats!!
  8. Ooh, lovely, lovely! What color is your Stella thou, it's amazing...
  9. both are just beautiful jenny!!!! congrats!
  10. Both of your girls are beautiful! I love the suede linings on those. I wish MJ would use suede linings again on new bags. Congrats Jenny!
  11. Thanks girls! :heart:

    chuchulu, my Stella is Maroon – it has the most gorgeous red suede lining. I can only recommend it, it's the best bag!

    xi, that's why I love older MJs. The suede lining is just the best! I'm really a sucker for those…
  12. OMG!! i love them all, but my fav is that sweet zoe! i need one of those! :graucho:

    stunning collection!!
  13. I love your new girls and the rest of the family is just gorgeous, The wallet is tdf congrats on finally finding your HG :smile:
  14. Thanks for sharing your collection!! I love the lola... always wanted one, esp with that wonderful teal lining.
  15. jenny -- the color of that Pouchette/Wristlet is perfection! It's soooo gorgeous and HTF! Congrats on finding such a beauty!

    You know how I feel about the Red Zoe -- it's an awesome bag!!! I'm still looking for the larger hobo size of that very same bag!! That suede lining is simply scrumptious!! I love the combination of the red leather & the eggplant suede/top stitching! And it looks fantastic on you!

    Congrats on two beautiful, new bags!!!

    (your wallet -- what a great collector's piece!! You don't see many of those around. How lucky that you have one and that it's such a neutral color!!)