My two Bally babies :)

  1. Ladies, i would like to present with pride my two Bally babies with their family ! :yahoo: The pale rose bally is very preloved especially handles and bottom corners, so she will have to go on a trip soon and visit Barbara in LVB for a complete restoration :crybaby: MissTurquoise flew to me over a huge ocean and i have no words how happy and grateful i am for being her new mommy ( :heart: u Holly ! ) i even asked to have my nails done so that they match her :nuts: ! and then you have the whole family waiting for their new sis , 05 sky blue city stuck at the moment at the darn customs :crybaby: ...we hope to get her soon! :supacool:
    ballysisters.JPG family.JPG pinkbally.JPG turquoise.JPG
  2. Great bags, Natalia! I esp. love the turquoise, the color is so bright! I had no idea that Dior Gauchos were so large, too. It looks as big as, if not bigger, than the City.
  3. LOVE that turquoise! :love:
  4. Lovely.

  5. the gaucho is the same size as city i would say, but because the leather is thicker and heavier they appear bigger ...:heart:
  6. Lovely babies, especially love love the turquoise! CONGRATS!
  7. Gorgeous! Turquoise and Pale Pink are two of my favorites.
  8. Congrats! Both bags are gorgeous and love the nails, too
  9. congrats!
  10. ^^ yay, what beauties, congrats sweetie :yahoo:

    p.s. lots of <<<hugs>>> to you & missy T :heart:
  11. What a sweet family. Thanks for sharing pics!
  12. They are sweeeeeet!!!!
  13. OMG. I absolutely ADORE THEM!!!!!!! This makes me want turquoise!!!
  14. ur pale pink looks great!! mine's really yellow-ish :sad:
  15. Such lovely additions to the family!

    Btw, when I saw the title, I was wondering what *Bally* bags were doing in the *Balenciaga* forum! Not sure if you have Bally where you are, but it is an old European brand of leather goods, especially shoes.