My TWINS! Yey!

  1. first, i got the gold... then after a week the navy came and i couldn't resist! :nuts: enjoy the pics everyone!

    medium bowler in patent gold :heart: and patent navy :heart: i love em both!
    DSC02039.JPG DSC02040.JPG DSC02043.JPG DSC02045.JPG
  2. So nice! Congrats!!!
  3. beautiful,congrats
  4. Congratulations! They are so beautiful.
  5. Congrats!
  6. Pretty, Congrats!
  7. oh congratsssss they're lovely sis;)
  8. OMG!!! they are soooo beautiful! :drool: how much are they?
  9. gorgeous, congrats!!
  10. great finds, enjoy.
  11. Wow, soooo pretty!!
  12. very nice.. congrats..
  13. Congrats :smile:
  14. beautiful girls! congrats!
  15. very pretty! i love them both-congrats!