My Twins with their Sisters!

  1. Went to Pacific Place LV Boutique this afternoon to pick up just one of them.. But I can't choose so I take them both home with me! Hehe! And with their sisters.. :biggrin: Hope you enjoyed them!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. ohhh let's see...
  4. Wait... I have to post their elder sister first... I got my camera out today so I might as well give her a better shot! :biggrin:

    Their elder sister: MC Ursula in White!

  5. And let me post their younger sister as well! Haha!

    Little Miss Vernis Pomme Rosewood!

  6. Here are my twins! Speedy 30 Damier and Damier Azur! Sorry.. I can't choose which one to take them home.. So they went home both with me this afternoon. LOL.. The store manager even told my SA to take me to the taxi because they thought I'm still pregnant and 2 boxes of LVs on paper bags are quite heavy! LOL!

  7. My Speedy 30 Damier

  8. My Speedy 30 Damier Azur!

  9. gorgeous!! Congratz!!
  10. Aww.. congrats - what a haul ! :graucho:
  11. Very nice!

    Are you keeping both?
  12. Thanks ladies!

    lamiastella: yeah.. I guess soo.. LOL.. I don't want to use my Azur Speedy that much because patina doesn't look good on azur so i guess keeping both will be my best option! LOL!
  13. congrats! I think after a while, you will see that patina looks excellent on azur. When the patina happens because of YOU using it, it is very different!
  14. They all look lovely. Congrats on the new additions!
  15. Thanks Kitsunegrl & LisaG719! :biggrin: