My Twins and their Significant Others....

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  1. Wallets of course... LMAO...

    Now, let me preface this by saying I had bought a Brown Patent Signature Stripe Wallet BEFORE I got the Tote, but returned it.. It felt as if it had been... well.. used... or just handled alot... something was just not right about it...

    Once I got the Tote, I thought I would find the wallet again, but alas, no Signature Patent Brown Stripe... I found instead the Magenta Patent Stripe and I LOVE the flash of color she provides with my Brown Stripe tote...

    So... here she is, with my Brown Patent Stripe Twin...


    Doesn't that look GREAT together....

    And my Twin along with my Brown Patent Leather Capacity Wristlet...


    and now... my Black Patent Stripe Signature Twin Tote and her Wallet.... I could not find a Black Signature Patent Stripe Wallet, but I did find this one, and Love her..


    And along with my Black Lurex Capacity Wristlet (at least this one is not damaged, my first one, the leather by the turnlock was peeling off...)


    I just LOVE my TWINS.... LOL.....
  2. Very nice!
  3. Very pretty!! I have that flower keyfob, but in all pinks :heart:
  4. I love my Flower Keyfob.. It was a present from LoveCoachMore when we did our own, unofficial RAOK at the Holidays (at the time I didn't have enough posts.. LOL)....
  5. Great stuff!
  6. Nice! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Love those bags Tammy! I have a feeling I'm going to have to get myself one...I'm lacking something in denim, so maybe I'll go that route! I know you're gonna love these! Aren't you glad WE discovered you're a
  8. Gorgeous, I love all the pairs!
  9. Very nice
  10. Nice pairing!
  11. LMAO... yes, I'm glad I have finally settled on this kind of style.. It is PERFECT for me..... :tup:
  12. Everything looks so great together! Congrats on your new additions!
  13. Very pretty! that zip-around black/gunmetal studded wallet is the coolest thing!!! congrats!!!