My twin babies finally together ! :)

  1. modelling pics coming real soon ! :yahoo:

    my babies with a cute Dior cosmetic bag, with their lil sis Paddy and with a family :yes:
    family.JPG gauchobabies.JPG gauchos&sis1.JPG
  2. Congrats- love them all!
  3. Congrats Nat! I know you've been looking for the white one for awhile now, so I'm glad you finally found one :yes: . Enjoy and oh also love your Balenciagas, I love the pink one.
  4. wow I love your family pic!
  5. Congrats!! What a great family pic!
  6. Very cute!
  7. Very NICE!
  8. Oooh gorgeous!
  9. Love them!!!! Congrats!
  10. WHOA somehow i missed this thread!!!! I was dying to see pics of your new Gaucho and didn't realize that they were already posted!!!! It looks absolutely fabulous with its twin sister, and also alongside your Balenciagas which (for some odd reason) look like they're related to the Diors too. I think it's because both your Gauchos and Balenciagas have smaller handles.

    And your Paddy is to die for, too! I love how the tag is still attached!!!!

  11. thank you so much hun! :yahoo: i still cant believe they are both with me now ! and thanks for compliments about my Pinky she is so pre-loved though she is gonna get a special treatment at LMB :wlae:

  12. bad bad May ! they have been sitting here all weekend ! :yahoo: the tag on paddy is still attached as it only arrived recently and i wasnt sure if i wanted to keep it as i wasnt 100% convinced about the colour but its growing on me so once i know for sure it stays the tag will have to go ! :smile:
  13. ahhh congrats natt!! i'm so happy that you've finally got your twin gaucho! :heart::drinkup:

    and your family of balenciaga, dior and chloe is spectacular!!! i'm not a fan of chloe (hehe) but that's definitely a gorgeous paddy! you must keep it!

  14. well....if YOU say so zerodross looks like i have no choice but to keep it ! :wlae:
  15. I agree! The Paddy is gorgeous (I like the Chloe Paddington and Edith...the only thing that I mind is the number of fasteners on the Paddington), and I think you should keep it!!!