My Twiggy was shipped to Brazil...

  1. ...and I live in Australia


    I bought a Cinnamon twiggy off Bluefly about 10 days ago. I was starting to wonder why it hadn't arrived yet, so I checked the tracking feature on DHL.

    Hmmm.... My bag arrived in Brazil 3 days ago
    What's it doing there? A little rest and relaxation perhaps?
    Very odd.

    So panic is starting to set in. I check my bluefly account to see if that would give me any clues. The address on my account is correct right up until the country name where it says BR for Brazil...O. M. G

    Panic is now in full swing.

    I decided to call DHL in Australia, and very fortunately got a fantastically helpful guy who said he'ld contact DHL in Brazil and try and sort it out for me.

    I think I love him

    So that's where things stand.
  2. crazy story! I hope it finds its way to you soon.
    sometimes when I scroll down on the computer I inadvertantly make changes on things when I fill out forms - such as number of things ordered, I go for 1 and end up with some other number, I can totally see how it might happen.
    Brazil is a long way from Australia!
  3. You're going to end up with a very well-traveled Twiggy. :smile: Your post cracked me up!!! :heart:
  4. I must have messed up somewhere.. I had to change my credit card details on Bluefly because I had to cancel my old CC after someone broke into my PayPal account (that's another story!)

    I'm sure things will work out!!
  5. i'm sorry to hear this, hope it gets sorted out soon!!
  6. Gotta laugh about these things!!

    Thanks for the support everyone!!

  7. i hope everything works out.. keep us posted!!
  8. OMG!!! I'm not the only one that this has happened to!!!

    My RT city was shipped out to me by a PFer on Saturday and all the shipping details are correct and she used EXPRESS... well, I tracked it just on Wednesday and it landed in AUSTRALIA!!! it said "Your item has arrived into Melbourne Australia processing centre"!!!

    I FREAKED OUT!!! I contacted the seller and she confirmed everything was addressed to New Zealand... so she contacted the USPS for me and they say they'll see whats going on... I called Australia myself and they say theres nothing they can do coz I'm the addressee... well, the seller and I are very mad at them!

    you'd think with all the express services they've done, they'd know their geography!!!

    and you know what when I contacted the Australia customs (coz its still sitting in customs)... they say things like that happen ALL THE TIME! :wtf: she said "we get things from all over the place, things that are addressed to Brazil, South Africa, England and we get it!!!" OMG! HOW are we suposed to trust these idiots with our Bbags?!!!!

    so now we're both really just sitting ducks! waiting for them to decide whether to reroute or resend back to the sender!!! I'm soooo mad at those post people!

    good luck to both of us!
  9. Holy moly!!

    That's just scary

    So you're waiting on a RT City?!!! Now there are some bags that should not be messed with, and a RT City is one of them

    Good luck and keep us posted Ali!!
  10. oh tell me about it!:cursing: I paid a pretty penny for this one too!!! its in BRAND NEW CONDITION TOO!!! can you believe it? I lucked out on finding it... now its just gona have to come to me!!! I just hope that there isnt an address in Australia thats similar and they actually ATTEMPT to deliver it! because if they did... well, thats just about AUD$2K to a complete stranger!!! and whats worse if even if I could spare that money, I'm NEVER gona find a brand new RT city!!!

    good luck for you too!
  11. OMG, how horrible for you! I hope your bag gets to the right country soon! Can't wait to see pics!
  12. OMG, I am sorry for what you guys experienced.....I am hoping that these things get sorted out !! I am not a big fans of usps service
  13. I hope she will come home, i was in Brasil a few weeks ago and i really did love it over there. I was in Pipa and Tibou du sol and Natal and Fotaleza.There was no luxery at al my black day bag, was the most luxerly in the hole surrounding of many KM. Not strange when U see that the people there dont have glas in there windows or a door to shut. But who need a lot of luxery in such a pleasent and beautiful country. It was a bit back to basic. I didnt even have internet to check my e-bay, PF, or mail in that order.
    But now i am back and she will be back also.
    Good Luck and hugs FX:heart:But i didnt want to go back.
  14. Oh I really hope it finds its way to you okay.
  15. Thanks everyone, and apologies for misspelling Brasil!!