My Tutti zucca and denaro

  1. I got bored at looking at my plain Tutti zucca and denaro so I glued on some rhinestones to give it a little more character... what do you think? It doesn't sparkle as much in the pics...
    Tutti Zucca.jpg

    tutti zucca back.jpg
  2. I think that was a really cute idea! I like it!
  3. Grrrrrrrr8 :idea:!!! I :heart: it!!
  4. that's such a cute idea! what kind of glue did u use? :drool:
  5. I used "Mrs. Glue" for glitter and more.. I got it at Michael's... works real well on fabric, used it on a bunch of my clothes for rhinestones and it hasn't washed any on them off yet!!
  6. I :heart::heart::heart: the red necklace you put on the girl! :drool:
  7. I looove the front of your denaro!!
  8. "Mrs. Glue".... hmmmm gotta remember that. that's an awesome idea.... sorry, i think i might end up stealing ur idea! :biggrin:
  9. Thanks ladies.. Always good to share right!?? I'd still like to see someone color a tutti...
  10. That is so cute! Love it!:tup:
  11. It rocks! Luv what you did with it!
  12. definitely cute. that bag needs some color!
  13. This thread is also making me consider getting a Tutti bag and coloring in the characters myself...
  14. VERRRY cute idea!!! i'm not getting a tutti (i've banned myself) but luv the subtle color the rhinestones give :smile: yay for crafts!
  15. Really cute! I might have to steal your idea too. I'm scared I might mess up tho!