My Tutti Dolce~~ *pics*

  1. Macy Herald Square got Tutti in today! I only found out 1 hour before the store closed though, and the SA told me people have been calling all day about the new shipment...

    I tried on a Zucca and loved it, but after reconsidering the practicality of a large black and white bag, I gained some self control and settled on a dolce with my favorite girl on it :heart:

    The SA, Jennifer, was really really nice and helpful. I opened a Macy card today and got 15% off, and after seeing that my driver license is from out of state, Jennifer told me to get a visitor's card and gave me an extra 11% off!! :tup: Total was about $65 for me so I'm perfectly happy. :yahoo:

    Here's the photos:

  2. sweetbee-good ur tutti dolce!
  3. Wow, great deal... and the placement rocks!! Congrats :tup:
  4. awesome deal! makes me really wish my Macy's carried Toki ;)
  5. great deal! congrats on the new bag :p
  6. Oooooooooooooh... Lucky you! Great price!!
  7. Awesome deal, and great placement with the pink haired girl ! :yes:
  8. Thanks everyone! Now I only wish the girl's hair really was pink on this bag! lol...

    This purchase was totally not in my plan though, but I just couldn't pass it up. I also broke my 1 bag per style rule since I already have a spiaggia dolce. Oh well...
  9. Very cute dolce! I'm glad the SA who helped you was nice and went the extra mile to get you a little more of a discount =)
  10. cute placement and such a great deal too!! In our store, I did see one with the pink and tattoo girl on the front, but i picked the cactus kid & mozzarella in the front :biggrin:
  11. very cute! nice price too!
  12. nice print placement!
  13. Congrats!!! Very nice placement!:tup:
  14. Great deal sweetbee- I love when members post their great sale stories! And congratulations on your new tutti dolce!! Do you remember what other styles they had besides the dolce and zucca?
  15. Thanks everyone :biggrin:
    nyshopaholic-- There were quite a few other styles other than zucca and dolce (as of monday night)-- stellina, campeggio, bambinone, bv, adventura, canguro.