My TUTTI ciao ciao!! & a question

  1. hello everyone!!
    so i didnt think i was going to get a bag in the tutti print but i borke down & called casey @ pulse & got a beautiful ciao ciao i cant wait to get it but later when they are on the lesportsac site (they will be btw i emailed them about it) i want to get a campeggio & Avventura!!!!!

    im soooooo freaking excited!!!!!!!
    but i had a question for you all
    i am 26 but i love to color what do you all think about a tokidoki coloring book!!
    i love tokidoki so much i cant wait to get a tattoo im thinkin like a whole back piece:yahoo:
  2. does anyone know how much the Avventura will cost??
  3. oooh nice! u got mozzarella and the cactus kid right on the front! congrats!

    i'm not sure, but someone had said the avventura was around $210?
  4. The avventura is $210. Just got mines from Pulse today. It's huge. Will take pics after I finish eating my snack in a little bit.
  5. would love to see pics- I started a thread about avventura-ooohhh, $210 :push:
  6. Which Ciao Ciao did you get, the one on the left or right?
  7. really on the website- I can't wait!
  8. the one on the right withe the black circle around it
    it was hard to pick but for me that one was the better of the 2
  9. FYI, I posted the pics in the avventura thread.
  10. thanks i saw them i am thinking i need it!
  11. You know, I didn't think I'd like tutti very much when I first saw a swatch of it a few months ago... but it's growing on me. And that's a very bad thing. :p

    Your ciao ciao is extremely adorable!
  12. congrats tokidokigurl!!!