My Turtle is MIA

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  1. I was going to post a pic of my charm collection and I cannot find my Turtle anywhere!!! I am so sad about it.. I haven't used it in a while so I don't think I lost it anywhere but you never know.. I have a small child who could have done something with it too.. hmm..

    please send "finding Mr. Turtle vibes" this way please :sad:
  2. Oh no!! I hope you find Mr. Turtle very soon!!
  3. I hope Mr. Turtle turns up soon!!
  4. OH NO that charm is way too cute! Turtles are great. "Finding mr turtle vibes" coming your way! Show yourself mr turtle!
  5. o, i hope guy turns up! he is too cute too lose! i'll be crossing my fingers for ya!! :yes:
  6. I love turtles. Hope he returns.
  7. :crybaby:Oh no! I hope you find it soon!
  8. Aw...I hope you find him! Reminds me of last spring--my bil bought a turtle for his pond, 10 minutes later, turtle took off....hope yours is still in your house somewhere. LOL!

  9. Oh no!! The tortoise is my FAVORITE keyfob because my bf calls me "turtle." I hope you find it soon!! I'll ask my tortoise if he knows where yours is................... It said, "Not in Hawaii." *lol*
  10. That's a cute turtle...I hope you find him!
  11. Oh no! I hope you find it.
    I was admiring mine today.. just love that cute thing.
  12. OK calling on St. Jude again - please help Taralindsey find her turtle!!!
  13. I am sending you vibes right now ***you will find Mr. Turtle*** :wlae: hehehe. Oh you know what, I was inspired when I saw the post you did on your frog & elephant charm, so I got the frog charm on eBay on Wednesday--can't wait to get it! So cute. :love: Good luck!!!
  14. Oh no! Not Mr. Turtle! I hope you find him! When and where was the last place you saw him?
  15. Does anyone know if Mr. turtle is still orderable through JAX and if so, his item #? Thanks.