My Turquoise First 2005 has arrived!

  1. I bought it from l_b and just received it today! I absolutely adore it and love it even more in the 1st size! :love:
  2. I miss " my turquoise 05" so much... but i'm sure you will love it as me...
  3. I will take good care of it, promise l_b! Thank you! You're the best. :love:
  4. YEAH! Congrats!!! Love the color- and you have qutie the b-bag collection OMG! Love them!!!
  5. Hey Congrats Sweetsparkle!! That sure was fast.

    I hate to tell you this though but I have to give up the Turquoise City I bought from you:sad2: I got in trouble for buying too many bags at once when I'm suppose to be buying furniture right now. :shame: You cant exactly hide a Turquoise bag iether, it kind of stands out! Oh well, I loved it for a few days.
  6. oh my gosh sweetie!!!! I love your bags!!!! you have an amazing collection:nuts: :nuts: :love:
  7. Gorgeous ! I love your magenta b-bag as well !
  8. Pretty color. Congrats!
  9. Killer collection :nuts: That magenta city is beautiful.
  10. Love your Bbags! You have a beautiful collection!!!
  11. i love the brighter colors and metallics in firsts. great stuff!
  12. congrats on getting l_b FIRST! its a great colour!!!!!!!!!!! your collection is great!!! i'm SO jealous (hehehe)
  13. Fabulous bag! Congrats! LOVE your magenta City too!
  14. Wow... great color!!! It'll look SOOOO good for the up comming hot season!!!
  15. :love: me likes:love: