My Turquoise Edith from NAP is here!

  1. First time starting a new thread and uploading my pics so hope i'm doing it right. Anyway my medium turquoise EDITH is here! I've attached some pics of me carrying the edith (it can fit on my shoulder, yay!) and one close up so you can see the shade of blue that it has..
    :biggrin: still have the NAP tags on cos I can't decide whether to keep it for sure...

    Got a bit tigger happy so i took some pics of my fendi b bag and my novak too! haha
    chloe1s.jpg chloe2s.jpg chloe3s.jpg fendi1s.jpg fendi2s.jpg novak1s.jpg novak2s.jpg
  2. OH! Love your new bags! That was like a little catalog! And the Edith is so gorgeous in that color! You wear her very well! Congrats!
  3. Love the Edith, that's a beautiful color. Where did you get the mini Novak? Can't find it in red on NAP, and none of the new minis have the braided turnlock . . .
    Also, great sunglasses!
  4. got the novak here in singapore! Hmm around christmas time? It was a rare find so I lovelovelove it!
  5. Wow, congrats! That tuquoise is hot! And I love your Novak...
  6. cute pictures! the color of the edith is great. love that red novak too.
  7. WOW those pics look like they came out of a catalog :love: I LOVE all your bags!!! btw, OMG turquoise edith... this may just be the cure to the emptiness caused by lack of turquoise balenciaga :nuts:
  8. You're from Singapore??!! Well hello there!!! :amuse: As am I! How long did NAP take to ship here?! You are swaying me towards the blue Edith soooo badly.. does it sit very comfortably on your shoulder? Or do u find the shape too squarish to really do that?

    Also, do you think it would fit a laptop? I'm not sure about how big the medium really is! Sorry for the million and one questions :shame:

    And where where WHERE did u find the novak in Singapore? It's lovely! :love:
  9. I LOVE your Edith! It's such a beautiful color :love:
  10. Wow, that is gorgeous and perfectly scrumpled - you must be so pleased! Congrats!
  11. WOW! Pretty bags! Love them all!!!!
    What size is your Fendi? med or large???
  12. Wow. you look great modeling Edith! And the others too (but I love Edith best. :biggrin: )

    I'm digging your sunglasses too! What brand are they? I collect sunglasses like I collect bags.
  13. Great bags! I LOVE your Novak!
  14. haha, my boyfriend's a professional photographer so there he was trying to be all artistic and here i was going, quickquick, i want to POST the photos!

    hi Kiptrip! i ordered the edith on wed night (spore time) and it just arrived this morning, pretty quick i'd say! It's the second time i've ordered from them, and i'm very pleased with their service and packaging. Sadly the edith doesnt fit perfectly on the shoulder, and as it is, I'm petite (ok, short! haha) so having a big load in there wouldnt be too comfortable hanging off the edge of your arm. it's 16x10x5.5 inches so maybe a 12" laptop at max? oh, and i bought the novak from Club21! =) it wasnt even on display! a nice SA bought it out for me! :love:

    the fendi's 11" by 8"...that should be a medium right? not too sure! and my sunglasses are from dita, they're supadupas. =) I love sunglasses too! Dior glossys are great too...:P
  15. Nice bags! Congrats!