My turq. '05 mini-twiggy

  1. I just wanted to post pics. What a difference between the old leather and new. I have a black first in old leather but I really notice the difference with this bag. The leather is so smooshy. The bag is so cute and small. I posted a pic over my shoulder to give a perspective on the size. The color is gorgeous!
    turqbag 001 (Small).jpg turqbag 002 (Small).jpg turqbag 003 (Small).jpg
  2. wow, i love it chigirl, the color's amazing & the shape's so cute!!!
  3. I LOVE that color!
  4. Congrats, chigirl! Never did i think the mini-twiggy would be so adorable. It's lovely though :biggrin: Could you please tell me what type of essentials you could carry in there? I'm just trying to figure out how much space you have. Thanks ;)
  5. What a great bag in a fabulous color! Congrats!
  6. good question BooYah, it looks like it holds the same as a first, oui?
  7. OMG!!!! it's gorgeous!!! congrats!!!!:love:
  8. oh that is too CUTE!!! LOVE the color too! The size almost look like a shorter version of the box... It looks great on you, chigirl!
  9. adorable! so glad you got it :smile:
  10. it's so cute! and the color is so yummy! congrats :biggrin:
  11. Congrats! LOVE the color! It's bigger than I imagined too. :biggrin:
  12. thanks everyone! i am glad you like it.

    i tested out the size. here are some pics. i think it can work as a going out bag or a casual day bag (not an everyday bag of course).
    turqbag 004 (Small).jpg turqbag 005 (Small).jpg
  13. damn you! JUST KIDDING! i love that color. it's super cute. enjoy all you bags you lucky girl!
  14. Look at how cute it is!!! Congrats chi.
  15. Love the color!! Much bigger than I expected.
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