My turn - seller failed to ship

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  1. So, I was the first and only bidder on an item with a starting price of 99 and a BIN of 199. The seller had fewer than 40 fb. The very first two were negatives (as a first time buyer), but were followed by nothing but positives, including 4 or 5 recent fbs as a seller with items in the same price range as what I bought. The auction closed the night of 2/5. On 2/6 I paid by PayPal (through my checking account...dumb) and the seller replied thanking me and saying that she would email the shipping info that evening. So far, so good.

    Morning of 2/13 I emailed asking if the item had been shipped. No immediate answer, so on the afternoon of 2/15, I asked her to respond within 48 hours or I would file a dispute with PayPal. An hour later I got an email stating that she was very sorry and would check her shipping receipts over the weekend. On Monday 2/18, I emailed and asked if she had located anything. No answer, so Tuesday afternoon, 2/19, I filed a dispute with PayPal. She hasn't yet responded to the dispute.

    Question, should I change it to a claim on Monday 2/25 if she hasn't responded? Is there anything else I should be doing now?
  2. I would just follow paypals instructions. Dont worry too much about telling her what you are doing any more. She obvioulsy doesnt respond and it is in paypals hands now.
  3. You didnt mention haw much you won the item for. At such a low start and high BIN, I have heard of some sellers changing their minds if bidding doesnt go as high as they hoped.
  4. I was the first and only bidder, so I won it for $99.
  5. I think you should escalate to a claim.
    You gave her plenty of time to ship your item and get back to you with shipping info.
    Sorry, that happened to you. :flowers:
  6. Thanks Nuts. This is only my second bad eBay experience in 9 years (member since 1998).
  7. mlinky, I have had two bad experiences on eBay within the last few weeks, and I have been on since 1999 - on one a fake handbag, and one on never received. Something has changed with the eBay marketplace, and I believe that eBay and Paypal are aware of it. I would suggest that since she is not has not responded to you directly, or to the dispute, she is only buying time, and I would escalate to a claim ASAP. You will describe the circumstances in writing on the PP site, and now Paypal and eBay will investigate the non-shipping for you. In fact, after receiving emails from both, last evening I received a call from eBay telling me that the case will be decided in 12 days or less (the last case took about a week and surprise, eBay suspended that seller's account). I did finally did receive an email from one of my intractable sellers (he claims that it was sent, but I never received it - no tracking), and called Paypal to find out if I should respond to him. I was told not to respond directly, as it was now in their hands, and he was required to present proof of delivery to me. If he cannot, then I will get a refund around March 1. The terrain for honest buyers has finally changed! Hope this helps, and good luck!
  8. yes I agree ebay is abit of a minefield now. There are a few sellers I am familiar with and feel comfortable bidding but otherwise I am always uneasy. I dont even trust the feedback system. I was feeling Ok about Paypal protection but there are stories of fraud there too.
  9. Yup escalate to a claim. Let Paypal get involved now. Hope everything works out to your favor!

    I hate thieves, but economic times are tough so people will do desperate things.:cursing:
  10. What's eBay/PayPal's policy on time limits of items not shipped?
  11. A seller for my dooney barrel purse shipped 2 weeks later because she claimed she was sick.. I was so annoyed.. did i mentioned it was wrapped in a tissue paper and thrown in a box?

    I didnt say anything because i made a bid before i checked auth and since it was from a smaller collection (bayou) i thought it was fake and gave her crap about retracting the bid..
  12. You have 45 days from the date of payment to file a claim for item not received.
  13. So this makes me realize you do have to have definite proof of delivery! I am a sometimes seller of things (B bags designer clothes, shoes).. I send items USPS priority insured. I am thinking I really need to also do "delivery confirmation with signature" or something???So far have not had any problems, but the way things are going on ebay, you need all the protection you can get -- as both buyer and seller!!!!
    Let us know how it goes with paypal.:flowers:
  14. Thank you ladies. I feel better now. I am escalating it into a claim.

    Baggiana, let me know how yours works out. Seems like you are slightly ahead of me.
  15. call your bank and see if you have recourse through them