My Turn. Looking for a Black Bag...

  1. I know everyone is looking for the perfect black bag. I am no exception. I don't even own one. <Gasp!> :nuts: And here I am supposed to be on a ban.

    The bag should be: made of leather, have No overt logos, have a classic shape, and is medium to large in size. I want to spend no more than $500.00.

    What do you girls think? Is that possible? Post links and pics if you can.

  2. I saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag at Nordstrom yesterday for $458 and really like it -- roomy with a double zip at the top.

  3. hayden harnett has a lot on their website that are really nice, botkier has some, coach carly is really a beautiful bag, stuart weitzman, kooba (check the sale out on their website)...hope this helps! good luck and let us know what you decide on! oh yeah, also marc by marc jacobs and michael by michael kors..
  4. Anna Corinna (or is it now Foley + Corinna?) Jet Setter Jr. has been getting talked about a lot around here lately. That one might interest you.
  5. I just bought this Rafe Charcoal Kate Hobo bag from with an additional 10% off it was $391.50 with free shipping/ no tax. It is super-soft leather, not heavy at all, but very sturdy/strong, the strap can be varied to 3 dirrent lengths, and it is big, but not gigantic! Also, the hardware is an antique brass, not at all shiny like this picture shows it to be. I am loving it!
  6. I just bought a Belen Enchandia Love Me in black. I love it :tup:... classic shape, great quality, no logos, fuchsia lining, both short and long handles, silver hardware. It's pretty large -- I wanted something that would fit my laptop -- but not huge. It was $750 ... but worth it, I think. Here it is:
    IMG_0229_1_2_1.JPG IMG_0231_1_1.JPG
  7. oops, I meant Belen Echandia!

  8. oooh Kooba! I always forget about them. I am all about a sale too...
    Thanks for the tip!

  9. Very Classic, but I am thinking more along the lines of satchel or tote. I forgot to mention that.