My turn-Lee69

  1. Hi all:biggrin: , I've enjoyed this forum very much and thank you everyone for everything. Not much of a collection (gosh lots of you girls have really lovely handbags:yes: ), it has virtually stopped growing :sad: since having my kids.Love handbags but love my boys more:love:
    Three Pradas on the left
    One Celine black makeup case in the middle
    One Ferragamo clutch on top left
    One vernis bronze tompkins in the middle-back
    One vernis silver PTI wallet
    One vernis bronze reade mm
    One papillon 30
    One vernis silver bedford
    One antigua LV cup mocha messenger
    One Tigre
    3 Prada keychains

    Thank you all:biggrin: :heart:
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  2. Beautiful collection! thanks for sharing!
  3. They are all BEAUTIFUL!!!:love: Thank you for sharing!!!:flowers:
  4. Ahh !! I love your bronze vernis bags, they're so gorgeous ! And the damier sauvage is to die for !
  5. beautiful!!!
  6. What a beautiful collection!
  7. hey Lee69 thanks so much for sharing your collection!!!
  8. I love the bronze tompkins square :heart:
  9. beautiful collection, love the damier papillon!

  10. love that too!!!
  11. nice collection!
  12. Oh Lee, all that wonderful vernis!!!

    What do you say we trade the marie for the tompkins? *wink* LOLOLOL. I tried to find a reade mm on ebay but no such luck yet!
  13. Beautiful collection ... especially the damier papillon!
  14. beautiful! I love your papilion's
  15. Love your collection!! REALLY love the vernis!!!