My turn for a "which one?" thread

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  1. I don't know which spiaggia cucciolo to keep. I like the variety on #1, but I don't have the monkey surfing (well inside the back pocket, there's the monkey). I like the front of #2 with the monkey and adios surfing, but the back is not much variety from the front.

    So which one girls?
    kikiwhichspiaggiacucciolofront.jpg kikiwhichspiaggiacuccioloback.jpg
  2. Keep them BOTH !! Come on .. why not ... :graucho:

    lol jk ... ok I like #1 more because the front has less decapitated girls than bag #2. I also LOVE how the back of #1 looks with the ocean scene and all the colors.
  3. hahaha I wish. My DH would kill me. I had spend over $600 on bags (not all toki) this past 4 weeks.
  4. I think number 1
  5. pick #1! =)
  6. I like the front of #1 and the back of #2...I am not much help I guess :girlsigh:
  7. at first glance.... #1... BUT~~ actually when i look closely, #2 has a great variety of all the cute characters and not as repetitive :smile:
  8. # 1 is more colourful .
  9. Yeah. Just decide which characters you like and maybe go from there? I like the front of number 1 better, but number two back is good. But just think: no one will see the back as much. That is what I tend to do if I can't decide. What will people see the most?
  10. i love the back of #2, but hate all the cut-off girls on it, so #1 gets my vote too. I think it's better overall.
  11. number 2 all the way!
  12. do you like the ocean scene better or the beach scene? if you like ht ocean I would go for #1. if you like the beach I would go for #2.
  13. I like the front of #1 and the back of #2 lol

    for more variety - #2 since it has the surfer girl on the left flap and u got a complete beach scene

    but if u like the ocean scene more, go for #1

    i personally love the top part (above flaps) of #1. its pretty :yes:
  14. I like #2 because it has more unicorns! Hehehe.
  15. #2 for sure, I don't like how the bottom of number #1 looks the same and also not a big fan of the fish on the back of def number #2 works for me!!