My Turn For A Celine Thread!

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  1. I am very torn between the following Celine luggage bags. At first I was very certain I would get the anthracite luggage on the left with the envelope pocket, but I just received this photo of the zipper one on the right in black. I need a dark bag, so color is not the issue. On the one hand I love the extra luxe details on the envelope one, but on the other hand I love the curvy piping and the "face" on the one on the right (also, it was the "original" luggage tote). Does anyone know if they are the same inside in terms of pockets?

    Please help me decide before my head explodes.

  2. KittyKat65, its me again. Again, like I said before, a tough decision because they both are gorgeous in their own right. I have actually seen and held both in real life and here is what it came down to for me. I thought the zipper version to be heavier and I thought that the zippered pouch was not as "usable" as the envelope. You could really only fit an ID card in it, but in the envelope, you can fit an iPhone and more, plus behind the pouch is an open slot (could fit papers, etc...). I also liked the lock feature. While I liked the piping on the zipper version, I liked the contrast stitching on the envelope better, just thought it gave the bag a bit more "oomph". I also like the snaps on the wings in the envelope - it gives you the option of the shape, whereas on the zipper, they are just going to do their own thing. Again, they are both gorgeous, but if I had to sum it up, I would say that the zipper version is a bit more "serious" than the envelope, so it depends on what your personality may prefer.
  3. i like the envelope one better! :tup:
  4. For looks and style alone I much prefer the original with gorgeous curves, 'face' and zipper. And the black one is perfection. I'd buy it in a flash!!!

    I don't like the look of the contrast stitching or the hardware on the envelope.

    To my eye the new style is more staid and sober looking.
  5. love the the shorter handles as well, as they make the bag sit better against your body ( I hope that makes sense) , and also the mixture of the leathers are beautiful and seem to be less apt to colllapse: the original will hold its shape better. The anthracite's leather is more soft.. Also anthracite bag looks more sporty with its white stitching.
  6. Very tough choice -- they're both such beautiful bags! Is there no way you can try the styles of the bags out to see if either would be more comfortable to wear due to the difference in handle length? I love the curvy piping and the 'face' of the first generation Mini Luggage but would personally go for the newer envelope style for the longer handles and the reputed lighter weight.
  7. Thanks, gals. I canceled the anthracite and have gone with the black. Those curves won me over and the small details like the shape of the leather around the handles.
  8. Unfortunately I am nowhere near a store :sad:
  9. Well if the weight factor is important to you, the envelope style might be the way to go. I've tried on the original Mini Luggage with the piping and that puppy is heavy even when empty! In any case this is a very delicious dilemma to be in, I envy you!

    Ooh, did you also know HGBags will be carrying the Luggage for next season? Colors are camel, cream, black and red. (Sorry if this is not helping you right now either!)
  10. I know. What a problem, right? :biggrin:
  11. oh no, oh no... and you were my only 'envelope' hope! :sweatdrop:

    though have to admit, prefer face :oh: more for blacks. classic and modern, tres chic! happy for you hun! :yahoo:

  12. How exciting!!!!
    I LOVE that bag :drool: (and I honestly don't say that about many bags :biggrin:)
  13. Glad you got the it.
  14. Congratulations! I personally like the zip - it looks as though the face is hiding something. "Speak no evil." The other face looks like it's whistling.

  15. :tup: