My Turn! Decide Which AS Giocco 4ME

  1. Taking a que from annieb, i decided i should get input on which bag to keep. help!!! sorry for such bad photos! not sure how to make a poll, sorry!

    (1 side has tulip, other has koi and pink peach- mobella sp? - bottom has nana star and fanstasimo - again, not sure on spelling! top has nero and bl.latte)
    front bag #1

    back bag #1

    (1 side has pink latte & fantasimo, other hast tulip and orange candy. bottom has rainbow and nana star, top has nero and popeltina - sp???)
    front bag #2

    back bag#2
  2. I like the first bag best.
  3. The first one!!! :p
  4. yeah, 1st one for me too.
  5. 1st one :smile:
  6. first one, for sure!

    p.s. do you think you could come to my thread and give me some input too???
  7. I like the 1st bag better.
  8. first bag looks like it's rockin' more characters! :smile:

    i choose the first bag...

    but i guess it depends on what character You Want
  9. Bag 2!!
  10. Bag #2!! It has sabochan (IS that sabochan??) RIGHT there!! :smile: Nice placement for characters compared to the 2nd one.
  11. Bag 2
  12. Bag one. :yes:
  13. one!
  14. That's not Sabochan... at least I don't think that is Sabochan. I think Sabochan is the pink ninja looking one... I wonder what this one's name is though.
  15. Yeah, bubblesung said the pink cactus ninja is Sabo-chan.

    I named the cell phone toting brown cactus boy Kano-kun. Hehehe. Jessaka likes it!