my tummy felt like it was burning.....

  1. last night starting at 1ish til around 6ish (about half an hour after i took pepto bismol). the pain is unbearable.... :crybaby:
    it felt burning.... like acid burning if i eat late, but worse..... in the middle of my tummy toward my chest....could it be heartburn????
    does anyone have heartburn and can tell me the symptoms?
  2. could be heartburn or acid reflux.

    Have you ever had it before?
    Acid reflux often strikes while people are sleeping, laying down can aggravate it.
  3. acid reflux? what is that?
    i have never had this pain before..... usually just a little bit of acid burning pain if i forget to eat or eat late....
    but this was horrible....last night..... it strikes very badly every hour....
  4. I've never had heartburn before, so unfortunately I don't know what is causing your stomach pains. But since the pains you're experiencing are quite bad and last a long time, I highly recommend that you see your family doctor as soon as possible to find out what it is and what medication he/she can prescribe for it!

    I hope you feel better really soon!!
  5. acid reflux symptoms can be similar to some heart attack symptoms so try and stay calm-I have AR and take Prevacid which works wonders...there are some great OTC meds for AR but if they dont work and Pepto is not enough trust me you'll want to call your dr you may have gallstones...please try to relax that will seriously help.
  6. i havent gotten it today... but i am worried tonight, i will get it again. what OTC should i get?
    i will see a dr on monday but i might need something til then.
    does anyone know what causes this?
    my hubby thinks i have damaged my tummy since i eat too much spicy food. could this be the cause?
  7. prilosec or tagamet are good

    spicy greasy food can trigger off attacks my dr told me it had to do with my esophagus (sp?) but it can also have a connection with your larynx as well I had a friend who lost her voice from it. Check webmd and compare symptoms. I hope you dont have another episode tonight I myself am about to have a Tums because I ate McDonalds for lunch and have been suffering all day in spite of my Prevacid!
  8. You best bet is Pepcid Complete or Zantac, but take 1 hour before you eat if you plan on eating late. Prilosec is good too if those don't work for you. But if you're already having pains, Maalox Max and the Pepcid Complete tablets are good also, the former contains an anti-gas ingredient in case your pain is due gas.

    Of course, the best thing to do is avoid the pain. Usually acid-reflux can be due to spicy or acidic foods like oranges, etc, and can be aggravated by stress. Don't eat late, and don't lie down immediately after eating. If you must eat late and lie down, then lie at a 45 degree angle.

    Hope this helps, if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask!
  9. I don't know if eating too much spicy food can cause it.

    However, when you are in the middle of experiencing a stomach ache, I've heard doctors recommending that you shouldn't consume [SIZE=-1]alcohol, dairy products, [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]fats, and spicy foods [/SIZE][SIZE=-1] during a stomach ache.
  10. I have no idea what it could be, but I really hope you get better quick!
  11. i am off to the supermarket to get prilosec otc now. do you think i should take it before i go to bed, or should i wait til i have an attack again?
    i dont drink that much anymore, dont eat dairy products and dont really eat fatty food. however, on friday i had mcd's for breakfast coz i was running late to an early morning meeting. could this have caused it? mcd's is pretty fatty. but,almost 20 hours after eating mcd's ?