My tulum pm

  1. Hi Everyone, I just got back this weekend from my 2 week vacation in Florida :heart: That's why I've been MIA and missed ya'll. So, just wanted to share that I carried my new tulum pm every single day and it was perfect. I thought it would be too small but it fit alot of stuff, all my necessities and I didn't have to dig into my bag for anything because once you open it, everything is sitting nicely in place. Just wanted to share my love and the vachetta is still spotless despite abuse by my 2 and 4 year old. ;)
  2. model pics please!!!
  3. good for you. i'm glad you had fun and your tulum pm was stylish but also useful!
  4. Welcome back! Glad you had a great time in Florida and that your Tulum PM made it back in great condition being overstuffed. :flowers:
  5. Welcome back! Pics please!
  6. Where in Florida did you go??

    I LOVE the Tulum PM...this holiday season while i worked at williams-sonoma, this one woman came in like 4 times...every time carrying a fairly new tulum pm, with a nice patina was GORGEOUS!

    glad to hear your bag is doing well, and your vacation was fun!
  7. welcome back spy...I didn't know that you got a tulum pm I knew that you were thinking about it...yeahhhhh...another tulum pm...isn't it a fantastic everyday bag...I love mine so us some pics if you can.....
  8. Thanks all, my camera is still packed and not charged. I was in the Ft. lauderdale area.
  9. Welcome back, hope you had a wonderful trip to Florida and did tons of fun stuff. I guess it's back to reality now, it always seems you need a vacation after a vacation. Happy to hear the purse worked out great, it is a very nice style.
  10. please show us pics, we love modeling pics:yahoo:
  11. I love the Tulum PM (though no one I know IRL agrees that it's gorgeous, it is gorgeous!!)!!

    I'd love to see pics!
  12. I love the shape of the tulum, it reminds me of the croissant.
  13. Congrats!!! Great choice!!!
  14. Congrats! Can you also show pics with your stuff arranged inside? I've never seen the inside of it that way before. TIA!
  15. pics! pics! pics!