My Tubes Tied Themselves!!

  1. One of my best friends turned 40 a month ago. Her family never offers to watch her girls, Shannon 3 and Jolie 19 months, and she hadn't had a night away with her husband since their birth so I offered to take them overnite. They are truly sweet and adorable and love me and my DH to itty bitty pieces. My 9 year old twin boys were even excited to be with them.

    The adventure began at 9 AM Sunday morning. The girls and their endless paraphenalia got dropped off, and their parents headed to Manhattan. After tormenting my dog for a while (she's a huge mush that loved every minute of it) we left to go to the Children's Museum. Turned out they were having a special fundraising event so we had to change our plans. We stopped off at my DH's nearby office to strategize. The girls ran back and forth 8000 times and my boys xeroxed everything but their tushies. We ended up going to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and then onto Chuck E Cheeses to see the big giant Rat and run around like lunatics with all the other pathetic parents looking for something to do on a rainy day. The 19 month old ran into their kitchen twice and my DH and I couldn't stop commenting on how hot and sweaty we were.

    By late afternoon we rented some Elmo videos and went home looking forward to having them sit quietly and relax or torture my dog. Much to our horror, these girls don't sit down except to eat and never watch television!!!
    I remember my girlfriend saying they really didn't watch t.v. but hoped I could corrupt them w/ Elmo. We were all shadows of our former selves by the time 7:30, their bedtime rolled around. My dog collapsed (literally) and my hubby and I followed. Happily the girls slept through the nite and their parents picked them up by 11 AM today.

    I loved having them, but realized I am WAY to old for toddlers. My tubes definitely tied themselves last nite and I'm pretty sure my husband gave himself a vasectomy with a steak knife after I went to bed.:P
  2. Haha.. interesting title. Drew me right in.
  3. LOL I am too old for toddlers too and I am only 23!! :smile:
  4. LOL... i really enjoyed reading your story.

    i am 25, not exactly ready for kids, but i do baby-sit for friends and relatives. children that age are tiresome, and hard to keep up with, but they are so adorable and fun to be around.
  5. Sounds like you walked in my shoes for a day. My son is 6 & my twins are 4. I have a new rule. Whoever runs in the house has to sit on the step for a few minutes. When I tell the to sit on the step they turn to me & say - no running mommy??? I guess its working/ I also use the same rule for screaming.
  6. I"m sorry that day doesn't cause you writhing with excitement. It would only make me want to have children even more so. :S
  7. You have a great, witty style of writing. I loved this blog as I am the mother of 3 - I have a 9 year old boy, a 6 year old boy, and a 4 year old girl. Lord help me - no wonder I turn to my bags for some enjoyment! :confused1:
  8. I actually loved having them, don't get me wrong. I love the soooo much and they really were well-behaved. I just wish they would sit for even a little while :smile:
  9. that's a lot of running around to be knocked off easily when you lie on the bed. even for the dog. lol

    and sometimes you wonder when you see other kids their age just walking, slowly, etc - you say to yourself: ha, how come that kid's all behave? hehe

    my nephew was like that when he was 1-2 yrs old. never sat down for 60seconds straight. always on the run, tearing stuff, constantly runs around the house. baby sitting him was fun, only for a few hours - but for a whole day? you'd rather do all the dirty laundry, dishes, all those errands than watch him. lol
  10. When my kids were young I had gates to keep them somewhat contained which is what my girlfriend has for them at her house. Next time I will borrow them...the girls were well-behaved. Just normal insanity!
  11. my cousin (mom of the nephew i was talking about), had a gate for the little boy, so that he would be just in the living room, and not cross the kitchen (there was an incident where he grabbed a knife). so it was ok at first, then after couple weeks, (he got this liitle tikes study table), he dragged the table to where the gate was, and then climbed the gate!
  12. HAHA awesome thread title and story!! Some kids do NOT sit down and just go go go!!! It is more draining than anything else. I used to come home from babysitting more pooped than I would have been from working out!
  13. That was a cute story!!

    I have two younger sisters and when we were little all of my parents friends would come over and visit...when they would leave they would say "everytime I think about having kids I come over here and remind myself why I dont" :lol: It wasn't that we were bad kids, but there was three of us all within 4 years apart.
  14. Your story was so cute and funny. Thanks for the laugh.
  15. LOL! I hope it was a clean steak knife! Sounds like you had fun-how about I drop William off with you next Saturday for an overnight? he never stops talking-so, at least your body can relax.

    Oh, and the LICM is our absolute favorite of all the children's museums in NY-we go there all the time!

    BTW-that was really nice of you to take her girls overnight-you're a good friend.