My Trish Is Here!!!!!


Sep 19, 2006
My black Trish showed up today and it is gorgeous... completey worth the wait:yahoo::yahoo: As an added bonus I didn't get charged any sales tax from the FL Saks for some reason.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me in my quest!

I did have two questions for you girls with Trish bags (you knew they were coming- i get so paranoid- haha) What does your serial tag look like on the inside pocket? And are their no feet on the bottom of the bag? I guess it's quite possible that both these things are different from my Hudson and I never really remember from when I last saw it. Thanks in advance.

:heart:And I'll post some photos tomorrow. I'm in looove.:heart:

I love your trish sooo much, that I'm considering getting one too! The size looks good, but I like really big bags.

If I may ask, for reference, how tall are you? I want to guess-timate how it would look (I'm about 5'5")

TIA & Congrats again!!! :tup: